Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sadness: Get over tactics

Tactic 1. Get up and face it. It is maybe the hardest way but the fastest and safest way to get over.

Tactic 2. Cry or talk out what is bothering you.

Tactic 3. Allow yourself a time limit (eg. 3 days, one week) for being sad. Feel miserable or sad as much as you want under this time and when the time ends just leave all the sadness behind.

Tactic 4. Think about the times you were sad and times you were happy before. See, time changes.


Don't look at the mirror when you cry because that might be the ugliest face you will ever see.

Don't lose faith in God because you might do something stupid easily.

Don't drink alcohol because that will not help you come over the situation but it will prolong the time.


Дашдэмбэрэлийн Aнхзаяа said...

nice tactics. Does it work?

NominGobi said...

if it didn't work, i wouldn't suggest ;) the best one is to give yourself a time limit...