Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you know that sadness slows down life?

I know now... When you are sad life goes slowly. It is like everything around you passes in slow motion. You lose your enthusiasm and will to smile. You feel lost and you dont know where you are going. Your feet can hardly carry you because you are heavier with the weight of your sadness. You walk so slowly, your eyes on the ground. Everything that makes you smile can't make you smile anymore. Like a nice car passing by, a small kid's three wheel cycle parked outside house, a beautiful flower growing by sideroad, an only litten window in a big building... maybe you don't notice them anymore. Or you notice them but you forget that they make you smile. It is even harder when you are with other people becuase they expect you to be happy and you have to put a forced fake smile on your face which makes you feel sad even more. You forget where you put your keys or what you just read in your book. You feel tired without reason and want to sit down and cry everything out. Your tears betray you at the nights or on the road or in the public. You look but you can't see. It is like some unknown clouds curtain your eyes. And then the only consolation is to think that everything could have been worse...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

100 things I want to do before I die

Suddenly I decided to write down things I want to do in my life because there is always a chance that I might forget them. These are big or small, good or bad, smart or silly things... doesn't matter. Numbering is only for counting purpose, no priorities are made.

  1. Travel to Prag
  2. Travel to St.Petersburg
  3. Watch balet
  4. See circus
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Go to Egypt
  7. Go to Italy (done)
  8. See Louvre again
  9. See Hollywood (done)
  10. Learn Russian language
  11. Learn to swim (in case I marry a seaman)
  12. Go on the cruise
  13. Write a book or biography
  14. Meet Johnny Depp (could be Gerard Butler too, at least he is single :))
  15. Visit a big Zoo park
  16. Marry a prince (I mean real royal prince)
  17. Have a twin baby (actually this is a priority!!)
  18. Own a reklam agency (named as 'Birds')
  19. Build a school in my hometown
  20. Become a millionaire (alternative: marry a millionaire :))
  21. See Pyramids
  22. Grow an apple garden
  23. Own an Audi A6 and/or Toyoto Camry
  24. Buy a house for my mom and dad
  25. Become an astronaut (replaced by: travel to space)
  26. Plant 1000 trees in Gobi
  27. Stay a night in a hotel in Tokyo
  28. See Black Sea
  29. Buy all seasons of Scrubs and That '70s Show
  30. Have a huge collection of movies and books
  31. Visit largest tulip garden in the world (where is it?)
  32. Be a housewife for some time (to find time to watch all series I like :P )
  33. Visit Twilight filming set
  34. Travel to Arizona
  35. See a big water fall
  36. Have a 'perfect' kitchen
  37. Have 2 boys and 1 girl
  38. Become CEO
  39. Get a watch that is not alergic to me
  40. Buy 3rd and 4th book of Twilight Saga
  41. Overcome my flight-fobby
  42. Work as volunteer
  43. Found a community center
  44. ...

to be continued

Gerard Butler-d gemgui durlasan ni

Helnii hicheel deer nomiig ni unshih daalgavartai bsan bolhoor kinog ni bas sonirhood uzey gej bodood 'The Phantom of the Opera' -g nomiin sangaas zeelj avch uzev. Gol durd ni Gerard Butler toglodiin bna, medsengui. Medsen bol arai ert avch uzehgui yu gsn :) Yu ve gevel suuliin uyed durtai jujigchdiin maani toond Gerard Butler nemegden orj ireed bgaam. 'Dear Frankie' geed aygui hoorhon Shotland kino uzsenees hoish durlachihaad bsan yum. Gerard Butler-d ch yumuu esvel Shotland hellegd ch yumuu tatagdaad bgaa. Tuunees hoish nomiin sangaas Shotland kino tuuj uzdeg ajiltai bolson. Daanch olon oldohgui yum. 'One more kiss' geed kinog ni uzsen. Shotland kinonuud aygui engiin bogood setgel hodolgoson tuuhtei bh yum. Jijig jijig zuiluud esvel zugeer l hoorondoo yarij bgaa ni dur bulaamaar.

Jishee ni Dear Frankie deer negen helgui-dulii huugiin tuhai gardag. Eej ni aaviig ni dalaid usan ongotsoor ayaldag gej heleed aavdaa zahia bich gene. Getel eej ni ooroo huugiinhee bichsen zahianuudiig shuudangaas avaad aaviinh ni ornoos hariu bichdeg. Huu ni bolhoor aav ni bichij bna gej bodood... Neg odor aaviinh ni ayaldag usan ongots Glasgov-d ireh bolood, getel unendee aav ni ter ongotson deer ajilladaggui. Tegeed eej ni neg tanihgui zaluud mongo tolood neg odor huugiinhee aav ni bolj jujigleech gedeg.

One more kiss gedeg kino bolhoor joohon gashuudaltai tuuhtai. Neg huuhen NY-d ajilladag baij bgaad canser-tei bolohoo olj medeed, emchilgeegui gesen uyed nutagtaa buyu Shotlandad butsaj irdeg. Huuchin suit zaluu ni (7 jiliin omno Amerik yavahdaa orhiod yavsan) odoo gerlesen bh. Irsen hoino ni aav bolon ex-suit zaluu hoyor ni l emchilgee oloh gej esvel uheheesee omno hiihiig hussen zuiluudiig ni hiihed tuslah gej yadah. Gehdee suuldee huuhen uhdeg l dee. Ineedtei, ooriinhoo orshuulga yamar boloh, zochid yamar hool ideh geh met buh zuiliig aavdaa zaagaad uldeej bgaam. Ene kinog uzej bhad hun hichneen hol gazar haa gazar yavlaa ch gesen etsest ni, yamar neg yum bolloo gehed, haanaas irsen ter gazar luugaa l butsdag yum bna gej bodogdov. Jishee ni herev nadad hugatsaatai amidral uldsen bna gevel bi l lav torson gazartaa l zugleh bsan bh.

Phantom of the Opera musical bsaniig bas medsengui. Hichneen musical-d durtai ch gesen ene kinog uzej baihdaa araitai l untchihsangui. Gerard Butler-n tolood l guriilee. Tuunii sexy duu hooloi untsan bol zuudend oroh bsan bh :)) Avyaslag jujigchin yumaa, duulchina ch... Neeh goy hooloitoi bish her ni setgeliin hodolgoonoo duuniihaa ongoor ilerhiilj chadaj bgaa bolhoor bolchij bgaa yum. Gol duriin huuhen ni (Emmy Rossum) harin goy duuldag yum bilee. Kino ni Andrew Lloyd Webber-n adil nertei zohioloos hiigdsen bolhoor ijilhen tuuhtei. Paris-n neg opera sunstei gegdeh. Ter suns darga nariig ni ailgaj mongo avdag. Neg odor gol duriin duuchin ni nyamba gargan duulahgui gehed balet ohiduudiin neg orond ni duulahaar boldog. Ter ohin aygui goy duulaad, humuus tuuniig dahij sonsohiin tuld dahin dahin irtsgeedeg. Getel opera-n suns ter ohinii duunii bagsh bh. Tegeed shavidaa durlaj murlaad, hardaad suit zaluugaas ni salgah gej oroldood ene ter. Gehdee suuldee amar saihandaa duusdag l daa.
Za baiz, Gerard Butler-g omno ni 'P.S. I Love You' geed kinond bas harj bsiim bna. Ter uyed minii ene genen durlal notsoogui bsan bolhoor yamar goy ah ve gej haraad ongorson bh. '300' -d bas togloson gej bna. 300-g uzehdee er medeeguim bna shuu. Ugaasaa ch ter kinonii kostum bolon nuur budalt ni hun tanigdahiin argagui yum chin de gej ooriigoo zovtgov :)
'Lara Croft Tomb Raider' -d A.Jolie- tei hamt gol durd togloj.
Tovch namtar ni gevel: 1969 onii 11 sariin 13-nd Glasgov, Scotland -d torson. Aav eej ni bagad ni salsan bolhoor eejteigee hamt Paisley gedeg hotod amidarchee. Ih surguulid huulich mergejleer suraltsaj togsson bolovch dongoj ajillaj ehleed ene mergejlee orhison gej bna. Anhnii kino dur ni Attila bsan gene. 300, Phantom of the Opera bolon P.S. I love You zereg kinonuudad toglosnoor nerd garch ehelj. 2005 ond Hello! setguul tuuniig onii hamgiin dur bulaam zaluugaar shalgaruulj. (sanal neg bna, sanal neg bna... :) ) Odoogoor gants biye, na na na na :)) Shineer baahan kinond togloj. Ted nariig ni 2009, 2010 ond uzej dee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish Happy Birthday to a young man whom I know for almost one year. He is an extraordinary young man and that's what he said to me first time we met and that's what I know about him .

He likes history... He knows alot about world history, even more reliable than Wikipedia. His passion is Roman Empire and his heroes are Julius Ceaser, Augustus Ceaser and Marcus Aurelius. He is interested in history since small kid and good at remembering dates and names.
He likes houses... His ultimate hobby is to search for nicest houses and perfect locations all over the world. His favorite places are Mediteranean coasts, Italy, Southern France and Indonesian islands. He dreams of building a big mighty house somewhere in mountain but close to sea so that he could walk down to the water by using private stairs and sail away on his sailing boat. He would like to have a villa in Sweden, a vacation house in Bali and a vineyard in old countryside of France.

He likes movies... He has huge screen, projector and sound system for home theathre in his small room and has more than 200 movies. He likes to watch mighty and goloreous movies like Galadiator, 300, Elizabeth, ..... He prefers horror or war movies over romantic movies. But he sometimes watches romantic movies like Stardust and The Notebook and likes it. He usually has prejudice against movies and judge them without watching. That's why he thinks Twilight is bad and girls' movie and Gone with the Wind is women's movie.

He can be really addicted to tv shows sometimes. He watched Rome several times, finished all eposides of Sopranoes (which is almost 100) in 5 days followed by addiction to My Name is Earl. He follows House MD too. He thinks House is the most hilarous tv character ever.

He is obsessed with truth... So if you are not sure about something you should not argue about it with him. His best friend is Wikipedia.

He likes reading... He is a real bookworm. He has 10 bags of books in storage and a shelf full of books in his small room. He reads history, biography and fantasy books. The latest history book he read was about Chinggis Khaan and Mongolian history. Currently reading Napolean's boigraphy and waiting for next series of fantasy book Games of Thrones. Again he said he would never read Twilight series or Gone with the Wind. Prejudice.

He doesn't collect things. His only collection would be letters and post cards that his gf has send to him.

He likes rock but also Johnny Cash. His mp3 is full of Metallica, Iron Maid, Guns'N Roses... and all cd's of Johnny Cash. He doesn't listen to all of them but he has tausands of songs stored in his computer.

He likes cooking... And he is a good cook too. He follows recipe strictly when cooking and somehow his food turns out to be the most delicious. His favortie meal is all kind of meat, mm except stomach. And he eats fast food like burgers and pizzas alot. He doesn't like vegetables, especially mushroom, broccoli and cabbage. He likes to bake cakes, cookies and pies. He enjoys good food and good drink like fine quality wine or whisky.

He likes travelling... He has been to most of Europe and wants to travel to USA. He likes historical places that's why he turned with 7 rolls of pictures of ruins and stones from Turkey. He would also like to spend summer camping around mountains or sailing around on the sea to be with nature. He would enjoy a moment sitting on top of the mountain, eating dried meat and watching sunset.

He is addicted to pc games... He has played World of Warcraft many times and likes to play the games that give you power of conquering, leading and rule. He tried to conquer China with Mongolian army many times with unsuccessful results. His current addiction is Travian where you build your own city and such.

He has a hidden talent of drawing... especially flowers and hearts.

He is an individualistic person but when it matters he can be a good family member and a good friend. He would like to stay single till age 40 and spend all his time working, travelling, and enjoying life. He doesn't like kids because he thinks kids are evil and bad behaving.

He prefers to be with small (to show weakness of feminity) but strong (to be able to stand on her own) woman. But he would rather like to be seen with above average woman, you know what i mean, like those women you would turn your head to look at them when you see them downtown.

Happy Birthday my friend! May all your good dreams come true!....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wordle - Ugen uul buteeh

Neteer tenej bgaad neg goy zuil olov. Wordle ged ene site deer hussen text yumuu blog url oruulaad ooriin gesen ugen uul buteej boloh yum baina. Bi ug ni diplomniihaa ajliin nuurend tavihaar sedevteigee tohirmoor zurag erj bgaad sanamsargui minii hussen ugnuudees butsen uulen zurag olood bayarlan heregleh gej baisanaa link-s ni undsen site zugleed uuniig olj ilruulsen maani. Minii huvid bur ch taatai hereg bolson, yu gevel ooriinhoo sedviin ugnuudeer yag zohitsson 'ugen uulee' buteegeed avsan.

Doorh 'Risk' gej shulgeer buteesen ugen uul maani:

Wordle: risk
To laugh is to risk appearing a fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is to risk their loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.
But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, has nothing, is nothing. He or she may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he or she simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, Chained by their certitudes, they are a slave, they have forfeited freedom. Only a person who risks is truly free.
PS: sidebar-uudaar bairluulsan 'love' nuudiig ch gsn yanz buriin shulegnees buteesen yum :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Хөөрхөн дүү маань охинтой болжээ...

Дүү маань өчигдөр эмнэлгийн орон дээрээс мэссэж бичээд хайрт эгээ дүү нь охинтой боллоо гэж хэлэхэд баярлах, өхөөрдөх, өрөвдөх зэрэгцэв. Дүү маань өөрөө хүүхдээрээ юм шүү гэж бодохоор ээж болсонд нь итгэж чадахгүй. Уг нь 20-н нас ээж болоход тийм ч хүүхдээрээ нас биш л дээ. Ээж маань том охиноо 20-н настайдаа төрүүлж байсан юм чинь. Гэхдээ л миний л дүү, миний хувьд хүүхдээрээ л санагдана. Удахгүй эрэгтэй дүү маань бас аав болно. Намайг гадуур дотуур нүүдэллэж, ихэр хүүхдээ мөрөөдөж явсаар байтал дүү нар маань аав ээжийг өвөө эмээ болгоод... Тэр яахав, үр хүүхэд нь эрүүл саруул л өсөж торниг.

Монголын үрс маш олон болох болтугай!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My dream - Minii moroodol, minii zuud

Namaig medeh barag buh hun minii 2 iher huuhedtei boloh gandan buurshgui husliig medne baih. Yagaad ch yum 10 jild baihaas l iher huuhedtei bolno gesen moroodoltei bolchihoj. Eejiin duugiin iher huuhediig torsonoos hoish iim moroodoltei bolson boluu gesen sejiglel bgaal daa. Joohon ohin baihaasaa l 28-tai gerlene, 3 huuhedtei bolno, 2 ohin 1 huu, hoyor ni iher gej ireel barin tavin morooddog uu. Moroodol maani zuud bolno gedeg ni l bolloo l doo. Yu ve geheer urd shono iher huuhedtei bolj bna gej zuudlev. Yag jinhene yum shig l zuud bsan. Aimaar hoorhon 2 huuhed bsan. Zuudendee humuus namaig iher huuhedtei bolsoniig sonsood odoo neg itgene dee gej bodoj blaa. Bas 2 huuhdee aimaaaar ih hairlaj bgaagaa mederch baiv. Huuhdiinhee toloo yugaa ch hiihees butsahgui yum bna gej bodoj bv. Ogloo sereed anh udaagaa huuhedtei bolohiig chin setgeleesee husev. Yooyy goy zuud bsan shuu. Namaig 28-taidaa gerlesen bogood iher huuhedtei bolson bh yum bol firin avch ogno gej amlasan hun bgaa. Say online taaraldaad huuhee chi firingee beldej bgaarai gej zanalhiilev :))

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ug ni ene kinog anh garsanaas ni ehleed uzey gej bodson bolovch amjilgui yavsaar odiig hurchiv. Tegeed say amraltiin odor dalimduulj uzlee. Gants ugeer helvel dramatic. Pearl Harbor maygiin kino. Medeej tuuniig guitsehgui l de, gehdee oortoo taarsan hoorhon tuuhtei, ongo uzemjtei goy l kino bna. Nadad lav taalagdsan. Hamt uzsen er huistei humuus denduu dramatic geed taalahgui l bh shig bsan.

Tovchhondoo tuuh ni: Lady Ashley (Nicole Kidman) bayan angli huuhen bogood nohor ni Australia-d Faraway Downs geed jijig gazar ezemshdeg yum bna l da. Lady Ashley nohoroo ter edlen gazaraa zar gej yatgahiin tuld Australid irdeg bolovch irsen odor ni nohor ni alagdsan baihiig olj meddeg. Tegeed nohoroo orshuulshihaad gazaraa zaraad butsahiin orond tendee uldej nohriinhoo hiij bsan zuiliig hiij duusgana gej shiiddeg. Ter ni yu ve gevel tsergiin armid mah niiluuleh. Tedniih 1500 sureg uhertei bolovch nohriig ni alsan humuus uhriig ni talaar ned taraachihsan. Yaj tsugluulah ve ged. Tegeed Drover (Hugh Jackman) geed mal tuudag zaluu tuslahaar bolood... Getel 1500 uhriig tuuhad hunii too ni hurehgui. Edlen gazartaa ajilladag tuslagch emegtei nar, togooch, nyagtlan bodogch geed buh humuusiig daichlana. Lady Ashley ooroo ch gesen mori unaad uhree tuudag. Za baiz, bas neg gol zuiliig martah gej bna. Ene kino ni bas Australiin uuguul nutgiinhnii tuhai oguuldeg yum. Ter uyed har bolon tsagaan hunii dundaas garsan huuhdiig "creamy" geed eej aavaas ni salgan Burhanii gart gesen nerteigeer neg aral ruu avaachaad christianity-d surgadag bj l de. Faraway Downs-d ajilladag neg nutgiin huuhnii huuhed ni creamy geed tsagdaa nar dandaa irj avch yavah gedeg. Zarimdaa nuugdaad, zarimdaa zugtaad. Gehdee Lady Ashley irsenees hoish ter joohon huug ooriinhoo halmajind avaad, tsagdaa nart hahuul ogood amar saihandaa suuj bsan chin genet dain bolood (yaponuud dairaad), huuhdiig ni tsagdaa nar bariad nogoo aral ruu yavuulchihdag. Getel ter aral ruu ni yaponuud hamgiin turuund dairaad, bombogdood.... Lady Ashley-n ajillaj bsan gazar bas bombogond ortood shatchihsan chin humuus tuuniig bas uhsen geed bodchihdog. Getel ter uhsen hun ni Lady Ashley bish hamt ajilladag huuhen ni bdag yum. Ene hoorond Drover boyvikdoj usan zaviar ochij huuhduudiig yaponchuudiin ezelsen arlaas avraad... Neeree l dramatic...
Kinonii ehnii hagas ni uil yavdalaaraa goy. Ter uher tuudag heseg ni hamgiin goy heseg. Esreg taliihan ted nariig zogsooh gej oroldood, zamd ni tuimer taviad, usiig ni horduulaad eder. Gehdee manaihan aborijin (nutgiin humuusiin) tuslamjtaigaar ter bugdiig ni davaad garch bgam.

Påsk - Swedish Easter

Ongorson buten saind "Påsk" (Easter buyu ondognii bayar) bolood swed aild ochij temdeglev. Swediin easter ni swediin christmas shigee bayriinhaa odor ni bus urd odor ni temdeglegddeg yum bna. Eronhiidoo buh zuil ni christmas shig, zovhon yalgaa ni ulaan ongiin "tomte" (ovliin ovgonhon) chimegleluudiin orond shar tsagaan ongiin bolon odon chimegleluud, mon ondog tuulai bolon tahianii durstei togloomuudaar shireegee chimsen bh. Påskmiddag buyu bayriin hool ni christmas-r idsen hooltoigoo yag ijilhen. Mahan bombolog, torol buriin hiam, zagas bolon snaps. Dahiad l ineedtei huuhdiin duugaa duulaad arhia uugaad bsan :))

Påsk-nii neg ontslog ni "godis" geed chiher ih ideh. 3 honog chiher ideed shud ch balarsan bhaa.

Amraltiin odor 3 kino uzsen yum bna. Australia, Slumdog Millionaire, Bram Stroker's Dracula. Odor ni gadaa suuj narlaad, oroi ni hashaandaa grill hiisen yum bna. Neeree ter grill-n joriig ni Anxaad ogoh yum shu. Ih hyalbarhan mortoloo goy amttai bolson bsan. Gahain mah, bacon, hataasan pomidor bolon amtlagch hereglene. Gahain mahan dotroo hataasan pomidoroo hiigeed ter mahaa bacon-r oroogood tegeed grill deeree taviad sharchih yum bna lee.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Friday

Onoodor "Långfredagen" (Urt Baasan) geed amraltiin odor. Neeree l urt odor bolj bna. Gadaa 80n jildee neg tsuhuidag nar garaad goy l bgaa bololtoi. Bodvol humuus ene saihan tsag agaariig ashiglaad picknick barbeque eder hiij bgaa biz. Minii huvid ogloonoos hoish pc omno suuj, mongold ajillaj bui (hehe ted nart amralt bhgui) naiz nartai chatalj, facebook deer saataj bas blogoo archilj tsag nogtsooj bh shiv. Hun huleeheer odor ulam udaan ongoroh shig. MK irne gesen bolovch train ni saatsan tul 2 tsag hotsorch irne gene. Tiimees nadad demii ureh 2 tsag bas baina gesen ug. Ug ni hiih yum zondoo bdag, thesis ene ter geed... Hereggui yum hiih ni iluu zugaatai bolhoor ingeel tsagaa ureed suuj bhaas. Btw, buten sain bolon negdeh odor Easter holiday gedeg amarna. Tortuna yavj sweduud yaj easter (påsk in swedish) temdegledegiig uzne bh.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

MK's version of Rome

Swed helnii hicheel deer neg aylaliin tuhai bich gesen daalgavar bsan bolovch hezeenii zalhuurch yavsaar bgaad suuliin odor hurgechihev. Tegeed sandarsandaa MK-s Rome yavsan aylaliin tuhaid bicheed ogooch gej guisan yum.
Min Resa till Rom
Jag ska skriva om att jag var i Rom förra veckan. Jag åkte dit med min pojkvän och fick resan i nyårspresent. Det jag fick var en guidebok om Rom där det stod att vi skulle resa. Jag var mest intresserad att se Fontana di Trevi men också resten av staden. Vi bodde på bed and breakfast nära Termini stationen. Kvinnan som ägde det var trevlig men pratade ibland för mycket att hon glömde bort saker. På morgonen fick vi frukost men i Italien äter dom inte smörgåsar till frukost utan dom äter croissant eller kakor så man blir inte mycket mätt. Resan var fem dagar lång så jag hann göra många saker. Vi var till Vaticanen, till museet med all konst och dom hade utställning om mongoliet vilket jag tyckte om. I Vaticanen finns också St Peters kyrka, och Sixtinska kapellet. Att resa betyder att gå mycket och efter en dag ute önskar man att man hade bra vandringsskor. En av de långa promenaderna var på Via Appia. Det är vad som finns kvar av en gammal romersk väg som gick från Rom till Brindisi. Utmed vägen fanns en gammal Cirkus för hästtävlingar men den var inte öppen när jag var där. Katakomberna var öppna och jag besökte en av dom, San Sebastianos katakomber. Det finns många katakomber utanför rom, det är tunnlar under marken där de kristna begravde dom döda. I San Sebastianos katakomber finns mer än hundra tusen gravar och där begravdes helgonet San Sebastian och gav namnet till katakomben. I Rom finns också fler kyrkor än St Peters, jag läste i en bok att det fanns sju hundra kyrkor i Rom så det blir många kyrkor man besöker när man är där. Två av dom största är San Giovanni in Laterano och Santa Maria Maggiore som vi bodde mycket nära. En sak jag inte tyckte om var att alla hade små bilar, också bussarna kunde vara mycket små. Men jag kände mig inte så liten brevid dom så jag tog många kort där jag visade att jag var större. Att äta mat i nya länder är inte så lätt, en dag var vi och åt mat i en lite restaurang i Trastevere. Jag ville prova mat från Rom så jag beställde "Meat in Roman way". Det skulle jag inte gjort, det var kokt magsäck i tomatsås och gick inte att äta. Annars åt jag mycket pizza och pasta några gånger. I Rom köper man ofta pizza efter vikt och man väljer vad man vill ha och hur mycket från färdiga pizzor. Så efter fem dagar var det tid att åka hem. Alarmklockan lät och vi kom upp för att åka till flygplatsen. Som tur är försov vi oss inte som vi gjorde en annan dag.

Medeej uzsen gazar bolon ter gazruudiin tuuhiin talaar nadaas iluu bichne l dee. Ineedtei ni zohion bichlegiin suuliin heseg yum.
Ter bichihdee (minii omnoos bichij bgaa):
Nadad taalagdaagui neg zuil bol bugd l jijighen mashin unah yum. Gehdee ter jijig mashinii hajuud bi joohon haragdaagui bolhoor tuundee bayarlan mashintai hamt zondoo zurag avhuulsan.
Shine orond hool idne gedeg amargui asuudal, neg odor bid nar Trastever-d neg restaurand hool ideheer bolov. Rome hool turshij uzey gej bodood menu-s ni 'Meat in Roman style' (rom argaar chanasan mah) zahialav.Tegsen bish aldaa bolov, ter hool ni pomidornii sos-d hiisen chanasan guzee bsan ba tuuniig ni idej chadaagui. Jich: hairan 9 euro :((

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Romantic Rome

Rome yavsan aylal maani omnoh Paris aylalaas min hed heden talaar iluutei bolov. Negd, gantsaar tenesengui; hoyord, ahuihan bagtaamjtai zurgiin apparattai yavav; guravd huviin guide-tei yavav. 3 sariin suuliin odruud Sweded tsastai huiten heveer atal Rome-d havriin uri orson bv. Ongotsnoos buugaad l dulaan uur amisgald baahan baysav. Ongotsnii buudlaas avtobus bolon metro damjiij yavaad buudallah bairandaa irev. Jich: Rome-d niitiin teever haritsangui hyamd yum bna. Erdoo l 1 euro haashaa ch yavsan.
Deerh zurgan deeer Santa Maggiori sum ni Romiin 3 dah tom sum yum bna. Bid endees tun holgui gazar bairlasan tul anhnii ochson gazar ene sum bolov. Sum ni dotroo asar tom bogood uran zurag bolon barimal duuren. Bi l huvidaa amaa angaij nudee unagahgui gej setgelee ih l bariij yavav :)) yagaad gevel daraa St.Peter bolon Vatican uzeh uyed uldeh yumgui bolno geed.

Deerh sumees erdoo l hedhen minut alhaad Piazza di Republica orov. Ene ni odoo tom zochid buudal bogood herev 'Jumper' kinnog uzsen bol sanah bh. Ter kinon deer ene zochid buudal gardag yum ble. Piazza gedeg ni talbai gesen utgatai yumuu daa. Romed surah chuhal uugnuud bol piazza, fontana, chiesa, ...uscita. Suuliinh ni garts gesen utgatai hehee. Metrod olon suuhaar uscita buur tseejlegdchihsen.

Ineedtei jijken mashin.... Ongotsnii buudal deer zogsoj bhad l Romiinhan yamar jijighen mashin unadag ni medregdev. Ooroo mashinii sonirholtoi yum bolhoor ene jijken mashiniig ni sonirhoj haa taaraldsan gazar zurgiig ni avav. Neg meduushtei zuil; Romiinhan aimaar hurdtai mashin baridag mon motorcycle ih heregledeg. Sweded humuus dugui unadag bol Romed motorcycle unadag gesen ug.

Fontana di Quadro buyu dorvon zamiin uulzvar dah usan orgiluur. Ene jijigheen dorvon zamiin dorvon buland ni iim dorvon barimal bolon usan orgiluur bairluulsan bh yum ble. Romed zam aygui nariin davchuu, tiim ch uchraas dorvon zamiin uulzvar ni hurtel nariin davchuu bgaa yum. Gants zurag avah gej arai l galzuu jolooch nart ni dairuulchihaagui :P

Fontana di Trevi!!
Romed minii uzeh gej temuulsen hamgiin ehnii gazar. Uneheer goy gazar bna lee. Goy barimluud bolon usan orgiluur....yag minii durtai gazar :) Herev ene usan orgiluurd zoos shideh yum bol Rome ruu dahij irdeg gedeg yum bna. Herev 2 zoos shidvel Itali zaluud durladag, 3 zoos shidvel ter durlasan zaluutaigaa gerledeg gesen tuuhtei yum bilee. Bi erdoo negiig l shidsen gsn hehehe. PS: Itali zaluus taalagdaaagui :P

Vittoria Emmanuel II Monument.
Italiin haand zoriulj bosgoson aguu tom tsogtsolbor. Neg hund zoriulj iim asar zuil buteene geheer sonirholtoi ch yum shig. Gehdee tuuh yamar tiim jisheegeer dutah bish de. Nadad ene tsogtsolbor ih taalagdsan. Hamgiin oroi deerh moritoi angel hoshoo ni neg V75 Diesel reklam deer gardag yum. Morinii hoshoo ni hagaraad, mori ni amilaad davhiad yavchdag reklam.

Rome-n amblem bolson Colosseum-g medehgui hun ugui bh. Hezee negen tsagt ooriin nudeer harah zavshaan oldono gedegt itgeegui yavsan gazriin neg tul uneheer hajuud ochih ugeer helshgui goy setgegdel toroh yum bile. Heden myangan jiliin tuuh teej yavaa hedhen gazriin neg gej bodhoor...
Setgel dogdlood toirch baahan guiv :)) Enuuhen hajuud ni Arc de Constantine buyu delhiin hamgiin anhnii "yalaltiin haalga"nii neg bh yum bilee. Uneheer saihan hadgalagdaj irsen buteemjiin neg gesen. Ene udaa huviin tuuhiin tailbarlagchtai yavsan tuldaa buh gazriin tuuh medeelel tsag tutamd ni avch yavav.
Ehnii odriin aylalaa uugeer duusgasan yum bna. Oroi ni itali hool amtalj, erthen bairnii baraa harav. Margaash hamgiintom aylal tul biye amraah heregtei geed.
Vatican Musuem

Hediigeer margaash ni 3 sariin 31 buyu buh musei unegui neegdeh odor bsan bolovch hun ihtei bolno baih ged Vatican museig onoodor uzeheer shiidev. Vatican musei hediigeer olon uzmertei goy ch gesen yag uneniig helehed Louvre museig guitsehgui yum bile. Yaj ch guitseh ve de... Louvre my number one gsn heheh. Louvre-d urlagiin buteel myangan torlooroo bh bol Vatican-d golduu Christian ursgaliin uzmeruud bh yum bilee. Medeejeer tiimuu.

Tend hamgiin sonirhol tatsan mon aidas toruulsen uzmer enehuu mumya uzmer bv. Bi omno ni hezee ch iim mumya haraagui tul aih gaihah zeregtsen shokond orchood shilend naaldaj baahan zogsov. Uneheer sonirholtoi!!!!

Deerh zurag Hall of Maps buyu gazriin zurgiin salonoos avsan zurag bolno. Urtaas urt tom koridord Italiin gazriin zurag duuren olgoson bh. Enehuu zuragnii ontsog deer zurag ni Michelangelo-giin aldart "Creation of Adam" (Huniig buteesen ni). Ene aldart uran zurag Sistine Chapeld bairlah bogood Sistine Chapeld ni zurag avah horiotoi yum bile. Sistine Chapel margaanguigeer Vatican dotorh hamgiin uzuushtei gazar. Tiim tom bish ter oroonii ontsog bulan bur aldart zuraachdiin buteeluudeer duuren baih.

Vatican museid 4 tsag uzeed yadarsan humuus garch irev. Ingej tom musei uzeh hold ayultai gsn heheh. Daraa ni St.Peter sum orov. Delhiin hamgiin tom sum boloh St.Peter sumiin oroi deerees harahad doorh talbai bolon gudamj ni tulhuurnii helbertei haragddag yum bile. Ene ni Jesus St.Peter-d divaajind hureh tulhuur ogsoniig bilegdej durselsen gesen. St.Peter sum dotor mon aldart zuraach bolon barimalchdiin buteeluud bh bogood sonirholtoi zuiluudiin neg ni sumiin door bairlah Pope-uudiin bunhan yum. Hamgiin suuliin Pope (2005 ond nas barsan)-n bunhan odoo boltol olon humuus zochilj ochdiin bna.

Ponte Sant' Angelo gegdeh guuren deerh negen hoshoo. Enehuu guur ni ene shig olon hoshoogoor chimeglegdsen bh yum bilee.

Piazza di Navona.
Nadad hamgiin ih taalagdsan gazruudiin neg. Rome yagaad ch yum oron zai bagatai yum shig sanagdsan bolhoor gants tomoohon talbai haraad bayarlalgui yahav. Ene ni zah maygiin gazar bv. Humuus zurag zuraad, baishingiin bulan dah cafe-d humuus suugaad, goy uur amisgaltai gazar baiv.

Neg kinon deer ene hoyor tom hoshoo bolon tuunii hoino bairlah barilgiig neeh goyoor uzuulsen bsan bolhoor bas l Romed uzeh gej temuulsen gazriin neg ni ene bolov. Ene hoshoo bolon barilguud ni Michelangelo-giin zagvaraar hiigdse. Deer oguulsen Vittori Emmanuel II dursgaliin hajuuhand bairlah bolno.

Roman Forum ni ertnii Romiin uldegdel bolson tomoohon heseg hamarsan gazar bolno. Campidoglio bolon Vittori monument -s Colosseum hurtel mon Palatine Hill gegdeh ondorlogiig hamardag yum bna. Roman forum deerh shig huuchnii sumiin uldegdel bolon huuchnii barilguudiin uldegdeleer duuren bh. Jich: Deerh zurgan deer Temple of Saturn.
2doh odriin aylalaa Roman forum-s Colosseum hurtel alhaad tendees metrod suuj buudal zuglen duusgav. Ene odor niitdee heden km alhsaniig Burhan l medne bh.
Spanish steps - Romantic Rome

Spanish steps Romiin hamgiin sonirholtoi gazruudiin neg gev. Enehuu shatan deer hun harj suuh l sonirholtoi bdiim bailgui. Uneheer l huniin dalai bolson gazar. Fontana di Trevi bolon ene gazar 2 l huneer duuren bdag bh. Gehdee romantic uur amisgaltai goy gazar bna le.

Villa Borghoese park
Onoodriin aylalaa romantic Rome-d zoriulsan tul spanish steps-s deeshee alhan Villa Borghoese park orov. Villa Borghoese ni aldartai huviin tsugluulgiin musei gesen. Tuuniig uzehiig sonirhson bolovch uridchilan zahialga hiij baij uzdeg tul amjsangui. Gehdee ene hoorhon nogoon parkaar zugaalaad amjiv.

Piazza di Popola dah nege hoshoo. Iher huuhed hoohuulj bgaa choniin barimal ni Rome-g undeslegch Romulus ba Remus -g durselsen bgaa yum.

Hotiin tov ruu alhah zamd genet usan boroo orj baishingiin deever door heden minut horigdon zogsov. Rome-g europiin hamgiin ih boroo ordog hotuudiin neg geh ni hudalgui bololtoi.

Ertnii Rome-n buh Burhand zoriulj bosgoson sum geh ene barilga 126 ond barigdsan yum bna.

Dotroos ni harahad deever ni aguu tom bogood dundaa ongorhoi bolno. Mongol geriin toono shig :) Boroo orohoor us dotogsh ordog ch gesen usiig shingeeh zoriulaltiin systemtei yum gesen. Romiin Pantheon delhii deerh hamgiin tom pantheon gesen :)

St.Peter -n barimal (gartaa barisan tulhuurnii tuuhiig ni sanaj bgaa bizde) Enehuu barimal San Giavonni buyu Romiin 2doh tom sumd bairlah bolno.
San Giovanni sum ni St.Peter sum barigdahaas omno Romiin hamgiin tom sum bsan yum baina. Dotoroo St.Peter-s dutahaargui asar tom bolon uran zurag barimaliin tsugluulgatai bolno.
Appa Antica

Ene odriin aylalaa ertnii Romed zoriulahaar shiidev. Tiimees hotiin gadna orshih Appa Antica buyu hamgiin ertnii tov zamaar walking tour hiiher bolov.
Appa Antica zamiin daguu orshih ertnii morin toiruulgiin talbai. Negen bayan hun ezen ni bsan gej huviin tailbarlagch maani helev.

Romed uzsen hamgiin aiguushtai-sonirholtoi 2doh zuil (negdeh ni mumya bsan yum). Catacomb buyu ertnii orshuulgiin gazar. Enehuu hunii helbertei hanan dotor deer uyed uhsen hun orshuulsan bsan gej bodohoor uneheer us arzaimaar. Catacomb ni neg maygiin mass orshuulgiin gazar bolno. Olon myangan humuusiig neg dor ni orshuulsan gesen ug. Ene Catacomb ni St.Sebastian Catacomb gegdeh bogood manai offircial guide (minii huviin tailbarlagch bish) helseneer bol hamgiin ertnii bogood hamgiin sain hadgalagdaj irsen catacomb gene.

St.Sebastian-g gantig baganad huleed sumaar harvaj alsan gesen tuuhtei yum bna l da. Tiimees tuunii bunhan deerh ene barimal ni sumtai bgaa gesen ug. St.Sebastian sum ni catacomb gegdeh orshuulgiin gazriinhaa yag deer bairlah bolno.

Il Salvadore by Bernini
St.Sebastian sumd bairlah enehuu barimal ni Bernini-n buteesen hamgiin suuliin buteel yum gene. Deerh St.Sebastian barimal ni Bernini-n surguuliinhanii buteel gesen.

4 honogiin Rome aylal maani iim l ih yum uzej harj, medej avch ongorov. Uneheer martagdashgui goy aylal bolson. Hamgiin suuliin shono ooriinhoo durtai gazar Fontana di Trevi orov. Shoniin gereld uneheer goy haragdaj bna lee.