Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish Happy Birthday to a young man whom I know for almost one year. He is an extraordinary young man and that's what he said to me first time we met and that's what I know about him .

He likes history... He knows alot about world history, even more reliable than Wikipedia. His passion is Roman Empire and his heroes are Julius Ceaser, Augustus Ceaser and Marcus Aurelius. He is interested in history since small kid and good at remembering dates and names.
He likes houses... His ultimate hobby is to search for nicest houses and perfect locations all over the world. His favorite places are Mediteranean coasts, Italy, Southern France and Indonesian islands. He dreams of building a big mighty house somewhere in mountain but close to sea so that he could walk down to the water by using private stairs and sail away on his sailing boat. He would like to have a villa in Sweden, a vacation house in Bali and a vineyard in old countryside of France.

He likes movies... He has huge screen, projector and sound system for home theathre in his small room and has more than 200 movies. He likes to watch mighty and goloreous movies like Galadiator, 300, Elizabeth, ..... He prefers horror or war movies over romantic movies. But he sometimes watches romantic movies like Stardust and The Notebook and likes it. He usually has prejudice against movies and judge them without watching. That's why he thinks Twilight is bad and girls' movie and Gone with the Wind is women's movie.

He can be really addicted to tv shows sometimes. He watched Rome several times, finished all eposides of Sopranoes (which is almost 100) in 5 days followed by addiction to My Name is Earl. He follows House MD too. He thinks House is the most hilarous tv character ever.

He is obsessed with truth... So if you are not sure about something you should not argue about it with him. His best friend is Wikipedia.

He likes reading... He is a real bookworm. He has 10 bags of books in storage and a shelf full of books in his small room. He reads history, biography and fantasy books. The latest history book he read was about Chinggis Khaan and Mongolian history. Currently reading Napolean's boigraphy and waiting for next series of fantasy book Games of Thrones. Again he said he would never read Twilight series or Gone with the Wind. Prejudice.

He doesn't collect things. His only collection would be letters and post cards that his gf has send to him.

He likes rock but also Johnny Cash. His mp3 is full of Metallica, Iron Maid, Guns'N Roses... and all cd's of Johnny Cash. He doesn't listen to all of them but he has tausands of songs stored in his computer.

He likes cooking... And he is a good cook too. He follows recipe strictly when cooking and somehow his food turns out to be the most delicious. His favortie meal is all kind of meat, mm except stomach. And he eats fast food like burgers and pizzas alot. He doesn't like vegetables, especially mushroom, broccoli and cabbage. He likes to bake cakes, cookies and pies. He enjoys good food and good drink like fine quality wine or whisky.

He likes travelling... He has been to most of Europe and wants to travel to USA. He likes historical places that's why he turned with 7 rolls of pictures of ruins and stones from Turkey. He would also like to spend summer camping around mountains or sailing around on the sea to be with nature. He would enjoy a moment sitting on top of the mountain, eating dried meat and watching sunset.

He is addicted to pc games... He has played World of Warcraft many times and likes to play the games that give you power of conquering, leading and rule. He tried to conquer China with Mongolian army many times with unsuccessful results. His current addiction is Travian where you build your own city and such.

He has a hidden talent of drawing... especially flowers and hearts.

He is an individualistic person but when it matters he can be a good family member and a good friend. He would like to stay single till age 40 and spend all his time working, travelling, and enjoying life. He doesn't like kids because he thinks kids are evil and bad behaving.

He prefers to be with small (to show weakness of feminity) but strong (to be able to stand on her own) woman. But he would rather like to be seen with above average woman, you know what i mean, like those women you would turn your head to look at them when you see them downtown.

Happy Birthday my friend! May all your good dreams come true!....

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