Saturday, April 25, 2009

100 things I want to do before I die

Suddenly I decided to write down things I want to do in my life because there is always a chance that I might forget them. These are big or small, good or bad, smart or silly things... doesn't matter. Numbering is only for counting purpose, no priorities are made.

  1. Travel to Prag
  2. Travel to St.Petersburg
  3. Watch balet
  4. See circus
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Go to Egypt
  7. Go to Italy (done)
  8. See Louvre again
  9. See Hollywood (done)
  10. Learn Russian language
  11. Learn to swim (in case I marry a seaman)
  12. Go on the cruise
  13. Write a book or biography
  14. Meet Johnny Depp (could be Gerard Butler too, at least he is single :))
  15. Visit a big Zoo park
  16. Marry a prince (I mean real royal prince)
  17. Have a twin baby (actually this is a priority!!)
  18. Own a reklam agency (named as 'Birds')
  19. Build a school in my hometown
  20. Become a millionaire (alternative: marry a millionaire :))
  21. See Pyramids
  22. Grow an apple garden
  23. Own an Audi A6 and/or Toyoto Camry
  24. Buy a house for my mom and dad
  25. Become an astronaut (replaced by: travel to space)
  26. Plant 1000 trees in Gobi
  27. Stay a night in a hotel in Tokyo
  28. See Black Sea
  29. Buy all seasons of Scrubs and That '70s Show
  30. Have a huge collection of movies and books
  31. Visit largest tulip garden in the world (where is it?)
  32. Be a housewife for some time (to find time to watch all series I like :P )
  33. Visit Twilight filming set
  34. Travel to Arizona
  35. See a big water fall
  36. Have a 'perfect' kitchen
  37. Have 2 boys and 1 girl
  38. Become CEO
  39. Get a watch that is not alergic to me
  40. Buy 3rd and 4th book of Twilight Saga
  41. Overcome my flight-fobby
  42. Work as volunteer
  43. Found a community center
  44. ...

to be continued


Дашдэмбэрэлийн Aнхзаяа said...

Nice things to do :) Цогоо бид 2 уншиж баахан инээв. Египт рүү уулнаасаа пирамид үзэх гэж явахгүй юм уу? In that case one down :) Largest tulip garden бодвол Голландад байгаа байхаа..

NominGobi said...

Yagaad hunii moroodol shoolj ineegeed bnaa. egypt ruu yavsan ch piramid uzehgui ongorch boloh yum gej bodood l. esvel piramid-g oor gazar ch uzej bolno shd, louvre-n piramid, las vegast piramid, beijind piramid geed... Harin largest tulip garden oirhon bgaa deeree uzeh yumsan.