Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ROME Season 2

I was forced to watch HBO TV series Rome. In the beginning I didn't like it. I think I watched 1-2 episodes from the first season but I was not really interested in it because there was that boring old man Ceasar (no offence Ceasar fans, my judgment is only based on the TV character). Then last week I watched second season and finished all episodes (10 ep) in 2 days. So, now I am thinking of watching the first season. My friend would be happy at least :)

About ROME, I'd better talk about characters:

Lucius Vorenus: is a soldier and one of the main characters in the serie. I don't like him because he is cruel and killed his wife (well, his wife cheated on him so he wanted to kill her but she jumped out from window) and cursed his children (so his children end up in slavery and prostitution and hate their father) and he is kinda boss for mafia. He wants to be good person after rescuing his children form slavery and trying to keep peace between mafia and such but what he only does is shutting his eyes and playing stupid. So finally he dies.

Titus Pulo: is a soldier too and Vorenus' best friend but they kinda loyal to two different generals. Vorenus is soldier to Marc Antony and Pulo is loyal to Octavia (later emperor Augustus). Pulo is the most manly man in the movie as character and as appearance. But he cheated on his wife when she was pregnant and caused her death because the other woman was jellous and poisoned the wife. He didn't know about it and was together with the woman but at the end when she told him the truth he killed her with own hand and throw the body in the mud. One thing I am interested is that how come he was the father of Cleopatra's son. I will have to wait to watch the first season.

Marc Antony: is Marc Antony the great general. He is also played by very manly guy. One of the guys I liked in the movie. His character is very close to his historical figure, i guess. He is general to Ceasar and friend to Octavia and lover to Cleopatra. He is lover to Octavia's mother in the movie but in the reality that was not true. But he was married to Octavia's sister for political reasons and it is showed in the movie too.

Octavia Ceasar: is the emperor Augustus. The movie ends by he becoming the first citizen. In the first season he is played by a young guy and portrayed as curious boy who is trying to understand all what's going on politic, army and such. In the second season he is rather grown up and portrayed as very cold, unemotional and political person. I think that was the case too. I tried to read some histories of his life and those people around him.

Atia of Julia: is mother of Octavia and lover to Marc Antony. Actually she loves Antony very much and she was destroyed when he chooses Cleopatra later. But she is my number one favorite character in the movie maybe because I am feminist and I like strong woman. She is strong and does everything to get what she wants. And eventually she gets what she wants that her son become the emperor. She is played by a nice woman called Polly Walker. I put her picture.
Octavian: is sister of Octavia, Atia's daugther. Poor woman, she has to come through unhappy life that is controlled by first her mother, later her brother. Her mother doesn't approve her first marriage so she kills her husband. Later she falls in love with Octavia's best friend Agrippa but they cannot marry because he is not nobelman. So her brother marries her to Marc Antony for political reason. Anyway she continues to see Agrippa and when Octavia find out it he puts her into house arrest or something like that. At the end she ends up with many children by Antony both her own and by Cleopatra.
Agrippa: is a general and best friend of Octavia. He is the other actor I liked most. He is played by cute little guy and he is the only man who has true love. He loves Octavian and they become lovers but Octavia wouldn't let them marry so he has to love 'platonic'. In the reality he is married to Octavia's (emperor) only daughter because Augustus was so much fond of him that wanted to make him closer to himself. He was great general and intelligent man, it is said that he also designed Phanteon in Rome. He is absolutely my favorite by both movie character and real life character :)
Julius Ceasar: is Ceasar, no need to tell who is he. But I didn't like his appereance in this movie. He is like a boring old man trying to play man of wisdom, man of peace, man of greatness. That's why I didn't like the first season, it was full of him talking politics. Luckily he died at the end of the first season so the second season was Ceasar-free :))
Cleopatra: is queen of Egypt. I was expecting her to be showed as dignified as Atia but she was kinda childish and playfull. The woman is sure beautiful as appearance but how she acts is not fit to the character especially at the end when she is running around crying. It's like reality Antony and Cleopatra kill themselves not to surrender Octavia. In the movie, her son is to be Pulo's son but it is true that Ceasar and Cleopatra were lovers and most probably her son was really Ceasar's son but Octavia kills him.
So the second season is like this... I have to watch the first season when I find time. Maybe then my impression on boring old man changes :) They say that the serie was so expensive so that they couldn't afford to continue making it. It is only two seasons and each have 10 episodes. It was filmed in Rome but inside a big movie studio. Surely quality of the picture is very best and it has many sex/sexual scenes, especially through the end you could see every actor/actress naked. You also see many war scenes full of blood and killing and such. But I think it is more reality that way and guys love such kind of things :)

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