Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Which crazy bitch am I?

Nomingobi took the "Which crazy bitch are you?" quiz and the result is Sinead O'Connor.
You are one fierce bitch. You are very independent and will take no bullshit from anyone but your personality is actually sort of quiet and shy. You are a natural beauty and you are very comfortable with your feminity. You don't feel the need to overdo it or go out of ...your way to fuss over your looks. You don't want to distract people from what you stand for and the talents you possess. You are very idealistic and will go to any extremes to stand up for what you believe in even if it creates controversy and people don't understand. Relationships can be hard for you sometimes because men feel threatened by you but time again they come running to you and realize that you are actually very sweet and motherly....until they cross you

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Azaa said...

hahaha,, nuguu "nothing compares to you" gedeg duug duuldag emegtei mun uu?