Saturday, June 13, 2009

Team Jacob

So finally I got Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as birthday presents. I started reading Eclipse but starting and finishing were almost same. After all that Edward-turned-and-Bella-house-arrested things the story started to be so gripping that I could not lay down the book untill I finished it. As a result of reading New Moon and Eclipse now I am an official fan of Jacob Black. I like the guy who plays Jacob in Twilight movie too. Taylor Lautner is only 17 years and so deliciously cute :) I like him a lot since I saw how he acted on the MTV Movie Awards when he appeared to present New Moon trailor with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. He was nice, cute and humble while the others were acting like they are already celebs.

Now, why I like Jacob? I can give some reasons.

First he is cute. How he cannot be? Or am I deluded by the image of Taylor Lautner?

He is hot. Literally. Due to the werewolf thing his temperature is so high that he does not need to wear so thick clothes, and sometimes no clothes at all... I would say somethings here but I am not a pervert so I shut up :)

He has humor. And perfect smile. White teeth :) I enjoy reading his parts because they are humorous and he uses sarcastic language. I loved 'book two' in Breaking Dawn which is written from Jacob's perspective.

He has confidence to compete with 'the most perfect guy' on the earth. The most perfect guy on the earth is Edward Cullen. But when you read Twilight, Midnight Sun and watch Twilight movie you are manipulated about all the good things about him. I liked Edward in the first place but till he leaves in New Moon and when Jacob comes into focus. It is also annoying that all the time Bella talks about how perfect he is, how nice he smells, how dazzling he is, blah blah blah... People get bored. Jacob loves Bella and even after Edward returns he continues to try hard to get Bella. I like his efforts.

He is loyal. He has never left. Well he tried to leave many times but always came back. He is loyal to his friendship even it hurts him so much.

He is strong, fast, big and hot. C'mon he is werewolf, what else can I say :)

Just see how cute he is :)


Azaa said...

I'm such a big fan of Twilight too!! and I can't w8 till the premier of New Moon!! I hope it's going to be GOOD!! and by the way NIce BLOG!! ^^

NominGobi said...

I am shamelessly addicted :)) New Moon goy bolno bhaa, hoorhon Jacob ih garah yum chin gsn :)